Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year and Goodbye:(

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, sorry I've not been blogging - I explained what's been happening in a recent blog post. My mock exam went well but now I have the real exam on January 9th so fingers crossed for that:)

Anyway, I'm sorry to say but I won't be blogging anymore due to many reasons. I think it's important to focus on school at this time and also I wasn't very good at blogging really what with me forgetting to write every week and everything! I am going to leave this account open but at the moment I can't see any more posts being posted during this upcoming year but you never know, things may change.

Thank you to anyone who ever read or enjoyed one of my posts and thanks to anyone who followed. I really have enjoyed this past year of reading comments and following new blogs but everything comes to an end.

Thanks for reading for the final time! Hopefully you'll hear from me again in the future but for now goodbye! Have a fantastic 2013 xoxo

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Where have I been? Update!

I've been away for almost two weeks is it now? I'm sorry about that:( but I have a mock exam in science tomorrow and have been very, very busy! Revision is not fun:(

Blogs posts will be regular as usual but I'm afraid I have to say goodbye to Tip Tuesday! I've been posting it weekly for a while but I don't think having an exact day to upload on is good for me, mainly because I always forget that day!

Anyway the next blog post will probably be a haul from Primark, Lush, and HMV! That will be up later this week once all the stress of exams is over:'(

Sorry for the long break I've had, again. Please send your happy thoughts tomorrow because I'm going to need them, haha! Thanks for reading! See you next time xoxo

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hello, I've just stopped by to say happy Halloween! Hope you're eating lots of sweets and watching lots of scary films! I'll be back soon with a Superdrug haul but if you have any request comments below or email me at And I'll talk to you soon:) thanks for reading my very quick message, bye xoxo

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Tip Tuesday •eight•

Hey:) so I'm back with my eighth Tip Tuesday! Apologises as this is up rather late but better late than never:D

During the colder months I find I wear lipstick more and more because I'm not sure if this is true, but I think it lasts longer and I also feel lipsticks are more suited to autumn/winter (although I still wear them in summer!)

So today I thought a lipstick tip would be perfect and no likes lipstick on their front teeth I'm sure. After applying your lipstick, stick your thumb in your mouth and then slowly pull it out. Sounds silly, I know but it works and all the lipstick on your thumb could've found its way onto your teeth during the day! Doing this simple tip removes any lipstick from the rim of your lips.

Thanks for reading!xoxo

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tip Tuesday •seven•

Hello! So, my last post was a review on a waterless shampoo and today I thought I'd kind of continue that theme, haha!

Sometimes we all have those days when we have 462746293744 things to do and so little time! Waking up at late o'clock doesn't help either! Now I do prefer to wash my hair at night because it takes too long otherwise, but I have some tips to keep your hair fresh in between washes when you just don't have the time.

Firstly, stop touching your hair!! The natural oils from your hands easily transfer to your hair and make it look worse.

You could also attempt to train your hair, you do this by (although it sounds horrible) wash it less often. I have tried this but my stubborn hair has to be washed every other day! Try using a shower cap when showering every day in between hair washes so your hair doesn't get soaked.

Use dry shampoos, I have many reviews of dry shampoos throughout my blog and well Batiste is the best! Dry shampoos are cheap and easy too. If you've ran out of dry shampoo use a small amount of talc or baby powder.

Remember not washing your hair is also a lot better for it!

Thanks for reading! See you next time xoxo

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Review: Tresemmé's Instant Waterless Foam Shampoo

Hello, again:) today I have a review on a product that is kind of like a dry shampoo, I guess but not quite! It's Tresemmé's Instant Waterless Foam Shampoo.

I bought this product a while ago and use it occasionally when if I run out of time to wash my hair and I don't have any Batiste Dry Shampoo. However, each time I have tried using it I find it just makes my hair looks worse!

Basically, this product is a foam and I do like the packaging. I followed the instructions but rubbing a foam into my hair without rinsing it was pretty strange. Then you use the hair dryer to dry the roots of your hair.

Once dry, as I have said, I found my hair looking and feeling less clean and usually end up making my self extremely late and washing my hair anyway. Even after applying more it didn't help. I did continue using this product as I feel it's wasteful not too, but as it does nothing I won't be keeping it any longer

I would not recommend this product as I dislike the idea of it and the effect it has. I usually love most Tresemmé's products and I especially use their heat defence all the time, sadly this isn't a product for me. Thanks for reading!xoxo

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Tip Tuesday •six•

So there's been 3 Tip Tuesdays in a row now and I do apologise, but I'm back with some new ideas! More on that later this week:)

Today's tip is about being active. Now I know there's a lot of people who hate exercise and I'll be honest I'm one of them! But, I made sure I exercised 3 times a week this summer and for its been paying off but if you're not into exercise classes, the gym or even Wii Fit; I have on very small tip that could just help.

Right now, I feel the weather is perfect! It's not so so hot, the air is fresh without being freezing and you may if you're lucky get away with only two days or so of rain. So for me weather like this is perfect for long walks!

So go for a walk this week and you'll feel not so bad for not exercising and also everywhere looks nice with all the leaves gold, you can also use this as an excuse for a new coat!

Thanks for reading! xoxo