Thursday, 4 October 2012

Tip Tuesday •four•

Hello! Today I'm back with my fourth Tip Tuesday and I'm sorry I missed last week, as I have already explained in my No 7 Haul I was ill:(

So today's tip is all to do with frizzy hair, now especially in winter I get frizzy, dry hair and I hate it too!

But there is a few things you can do with it, today I'll let you know of one tip but if you wish to hear any more please comment below and I can do a whole blog post letting you know many, many tips to fight the frizz.

So, for about a year or so I stopped using the hair dryer because it was better for my hair but recently I find myself getting out of the shower and blow drying my hair straight away! And if you blow dry yours too, simply point the hair dryer downwards. This helps your hair follicles to stay down and this helps to stop frizz.

I'd definitely give this a go and if you don't like using the hair dryer often I'll be back with more hair tips, just let me know in the comment section:)

Thanks for reading!xoxo

(yes, it's not Tuesday and this is late and I'm sorry but better late than never! Internet wouldn't let me upload until now:])

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