Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tip Tuesday •five•

Hello! I'm back today with my fifth Tip Tuesday and before I let you know today's tip, just thought I'd say please leave comments below with any requests or email me because this week I ran out of ideas on blog posts so if you have a tip, something you'd like me review or even a tutorial let me know, thankyou:)!

So, today's tip.. when you wash your hair, to get it clean you obviously use hot water. Now, this may clean your hair but it also can be damaging ad cause frizz.

What can you do to stop this while keeping your hair clean? Well, when you've done washing your hair (with hot water) rinse it finally with cold water. This stops all the steam being around your head and also seals in frizz.

That was today's tip:) as I said before some ideas would be extremely helpful so comment below or email me at hairmakeupnails@hotmail.co.uk Thanks for reading xoxo

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