Saturday, 29 September 2012

Mini No 7 Haul

I missed Tip Tuesday this week:( because I was ill but I'm back today with a small No 7 Haul.

So I went to Boots and had a look around at the No 7 aisle and this is what I bought..

First, I bought a green teal nail polish called 'Totally Teal' as I thought this would be great for autumn and even Christmas time with a glitter nail polish over top. It was £5.50

Then I decided to look at No 7's skin care range as I've never tried to before and bought 'Beautiful Skin Foaming Cleanser' and you will see from the picture below it's a greeny liquid but living up to its name it squirts out as a foam. I haven't tried it on my face yet but I will be doing a review on this after I've tried it a few time. It was £9.50.

And that was all I bought for today but I promise I'll be back on Tuesday with another tip! And hopefully sometime soon I'll be doing an autumn nail polish favourites. Thanks for reading xoxo

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