Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tip Tuesday! • two •

Hello, so I'm back with my second Tip Tuesday and today's tip is a back to school tip! I go back to school tomorrow:'(

At my school we're not allowed to wear nail polish:( but I still want my nails to look good so I put on two costs of clear nail polish because it makes them shiny and keeps them strong. I think it gives a more finished look than plain nails and you can't really get told off for it!

If you're allowed to wear nail polish, one) you're very very lucky and two) you could try a clear coat underneath to protect your nails and help your nail polish to last longer.

I like to use Natural Collection Crystal Clear but you can use any top coat you like!

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment below telling me your school tips or email me at hairmakeupnails@hotmail.co.uk and I'll be back with more tips next Tuesday! I also have a curling wand review coming up later this week xoxo

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