Friday, 31 August 2012

Book review: The Time Of My Life

Hello! So I recently finished reading The Time Of My Life by Cecelia Ahern and this is what I thought of it..

I bought this book as a pack of two with another one of Cecelia Ahern's books and I read Thanks For The Memories first, which was absolutely amazing and I have too many good things to say about it! So with high hopes I moved on to this book and to begin with I was very disappointed. The first two lines are set in a letter format and then it goes on in first person about a character called Lucy who has received a letter from her 'life' which is an agency which helps people sort out their life's.

I found the start confusing but the character of Lucy was relatable, as she wasn't perfect. Although at this point I wasn't really attached to her character and wasn't really until the middle of the book.

I found myself skipping some chunks because the book went on a little but the plot was funny and original.

When Lucy gets to know Don, an unknown number, through texting I found it becoming exciting and was willing her to go meet him and when she didn't I thought I'd loose interest again. Luckily I didn't because things begin to go worse for Lucy and her 'life' who is a funny character goes to live with her and follow her every move.

There are parts in this story which are so exciting and unexpected like the incident at work with the water gun and at those moments I couldn't put the book down.

Some of the characters I loved like 'life' and Riley really represented a brother that was like you're own!

I was pleased with the way the story ended between Don and Lucy but I felt like 'Life' deserved his own happiness and relationship too. Towards the end I couldn't put the book down.

Very funny, relatable and actually insightful! A great read from a great author! I loved this book so 4 stars:) ****

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