Sunday, 16 September 2012

Review: Clean&Clear dual action moisturiser

Hello! I'm really sorry I missed Tip Tuesday this week, but I promise to be back next week with more tips but for today I'm here with a review on a Clear&Clear product. Also I'm sorry Tip Tuesday published twice last week it was a mistake:)

Juicystar07 recently put up a skin care video and it featured many Clear&Clear products and as I was in Superdrug that day I had a look and I bought their moisturiser, which is meant to help prevent blemishes.

When you apply the product is kind of cools your face and then it feels a little thick and then when you smooth it into your skin it's very light and moisturising.

I'm unsure whether the blemish prevention works but it certainly is oil free and you only have to use a tiny amount. I don't really like the smell but it isn't too strong.

I would recommend this moisturiser to people with oily skin and am thinking of repurchasing when it runs out.

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