Saturday, 14 April 2012

Small superdrug haul

So I called into superdrug today for some nail polish remover and ended up by a couple of other things so I thought I'd show you:)

Ok, so I'm not sure if the pictures going to come up because I'm still testing out this app but I bought some nail varnish remover and it's just the one I usually get, superdrug's aloe vera. I think it's around £1.39

Then my mum bought an Aussie product and there was a deal and I can't remember what it was but you get another product cheaper. And I love Aussie! So I thought I'd choose something and I bought a leave in conditioner for long hair, review maybe?

And finally I just bought a Revlon wide tooth comb because I needed a new one and this one looked good. I think it was £1.59

Thanks for reading! Sorry if the pictures aren't correct. Leave any suggestions for upcoming posts below xoxo

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