Saturday, 14 April 2012

Not really anything to do with anything..

Hi:) so this is not really anything to do with anything really, hahaha that did not make sense! But anyway, today was my birthday! Oh no, it's midnight so yesterday was my birthday. And I had promised a haul. Unfortunately I've decided not to do the haul and instead to do 3 outfit of the night/day because I went out the day before my birthday, on my actual birthday and also tomorrow or today or whatever it is. So, I think that blog post might be better, I'll do three in one and post it either Friday night and sometime Saturday or Sunday! Sorry if you did want to see a birthday haul:( another thing, I just downloaded blogger on my iPod, woo! So that means I can write posts quicker and I won't leave it for months between blog posts! Only bad thing is I can't find where to change the colour:( if anyone knows please email me or comment below. If not, black and white is not too bad!:)
Thanks for reading xoxo
Sorry, this was meant to go up a while ago but because I used the app it went up on the wrong blog so it's a little late but I thought I'd post anyway:) later today I have a mini haul too!:)

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