Sunday, 15 April 2012

Garnier makeup remover review

Hello:) so I know I promised an outfit of the night and don't worry it's coming! But I can't use my iPod to show you each item of clothing because as I told you, I'm having problems where all my images go to the bottom of the post but I thought I'd do a review on a makeup remover that I've been using recently.

Okay, so I used to just use either Nivea or Simple's makeup removing wipes but I don't really wear face makeup other than concealer because I'll only wear foundation when my skin is just having one of those days, so I didn't need to use a whole wipe just for eye makeup and it was a bit of a waste. Although I did love both brands, I went to Superdrug and wanted a cream or something that wasn't too pricey and would remove makeup easily.

After looking at a few brands I decided to start off I'd try the cheapest and if it didn't work I'd try the ones that were 5 or 6 pounds. Garnier was to be fair the cheapest at something like £3.50.

Basically it's like a blue liquid at the top of the bottle and then a clear liquid below it. The blue is the actual makeup remover and the clear is cleanser.

I think it's obvious how to apply it but I shake it up so all the bottle is filled with like a lighter blue colour then I get a cotton pad and squeeze it onto the cotton pad, I must say that sometimes it does run out a little fast and I spill some occasionally. Then I shut my eye and just wipe away the makeup.

For removing makeup, it's great! That's it's job and I use a lot of mascara and it only takes a few wipes. I only ever have to use one cotton pad per eye and some days one cotton pad between both eyes. Also I use this for my eyes but this can be used all over and it does remove waterproof makeup. It's not perfumed so it's suitable for sensitive skin.

The downside to it is that, I find it very oily so I have to use an extra cotton pad when I've finished removing my makeup just to get the oil off from under my eyes. If you have dry skin this might not be a problem but for me it is and that kind of puts me off repurchasing this product.

The packaging is attractive and it's no problem having to shake it up every day because I would shake it anyway even if you didn't give to. The bottle is a good size and good value for money and I'm definitely considering buying it again because it's a great price and definitely does it's job!

So that's my opinion of this makeup remover. All opinions are my own and I'm not sponsored! Do you know a good makeup remover? Would you like me to review anything other products? Leave your comments below! Thanks for reading xoxo

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