Sunday, 6 May 2012

Review 17 lipsticks

Long time, no see I know:( things have been a little hectic and I know that's no excuse, but I am very sorry! Also I didn't go my outfit of the nights I promised and unfortunately I'm going to have to not do them:( it's a little late now anyway!:'( but I'm back now and I have a review on a couple of 17 lipsticks, so let's get going:D

You can buy these lipsticks at Boots, but I can't remember the price because I bought them a while back:( anyway I bought Watermelon Crush and Heather Pink.

They're great and I love them! I mainly wear Watermelon Crush because It's more of a neutral colour but they are both insanely pigmented! Both colours are so pretty and I'd definitely recommend trying them out. You get loads of product and they are do creamy and easy to apply

As I said Watermelon Crush is an easy colour to pull of and I find myself grabbing it all the time, however Heather Pink is soo bright and I haven't dared to wear it out the house yet. I've got as close as the car before quickly rubbing it off as I'm not the sort of person to go for bold lips, I'm working on it though;)

I'm definitely thinking of purchasing more and honestly couldn't be happier with this find! I am not sponsored to do this and all views are completely honest!

Thanks for reading!
Any suggestions? Comment below or email me xoxo
P.S March and April are coming soon!:)

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