Tuesday, 20 March 2012

New Look, Superdrug and Sainbury's Haul!

Hey, so I have a haul for you:)!

First, I called into Sainbury's and had a look at some new candles they had in. This is the mango one. I love it! It smells so nice and so far I've had it lit three times:)

I wanted a new perfume and let's be honest you can't go wrong with Next can you?:) because you can get a great perfume for just £10! I chose the Flowers one and I love the packaging but the scent is even greater! I definitely can't describe perfumes but without a doubt this one's girly.

I went to New Look and found these Curl Ups. I was unsure of whether to get them but while shopping with a friend we both agreed to try them out. They were £4. You get 6 in total but if you haven't noticed there's only 5 there;D but that's not the point:)! They're like sponge material and you wrap them around damp strands of hair. I've never tried them but my friend has and she said they're great. Please comment below if you'd like a review when I do give them a go.

Superdrug next:)! I've been getting a few split ends recently but if you use straighteners every day I should really expect it! I bought this Split Remedy. I'm a big dissapointed as it only makes splits end APPEAR fixed and doesn't condition them:( but it smells great so I don't mind:) this was £4

I needed a new makeup remover and wanted to try this one! I've used it everyday since I've had it and it's great it's none scented and also cleanses as it removes all your eye makeup.

Back to Sainbury's, haha! I wanted a new dvd and bought The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas. I went home and watched it and it's soo sad:( but a great film with a strong meaning.

Thanks for reading:) please comment and follow me for more posts like this!xoxo

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