Saturday, 4 February 2012

This or that tag!

Hey!:) I really wanted to do my February favourites today but I've lost my camera:( I didn't want to not post this week so I decided to do a tag because I don't really need my camera to do this. I'm new to blogging and not quite sure if tags are really what people like to post about but it's no harm and if you want to read it, you definitely can! Once I'd got abotu half way answering the questions I realized a lot of questions I couldn't answer because they were American brands so I searched for a UK version and this is what I found, enjoy! If you would like to see me do more tags please suggest some below too.

blush or bronzer? I don't really wear either often but I'd say bronzer.
lip gloss or lipstick? lipstick! I do like a lot of lip glosses but normally they're too sticky!
eye liner or mascara? mascara, I'm actually so bad at applying eyeliner I hardly ever wear it:(
foundation or concealer? concealer
neutral or color eye shadow? neutral, coloured is always fun but I can never find a colour that suits me and find myself wearing neutral more
pressed or loose eye shadows? pressed
brushes or sponges? brushes

Barry M or Nail Inc? Barry M
Long or short? long if painted, short if they're plain.
Acrylic or natural? natural
Brights or darks? it really depends what season but if I had to choose I'd say brights
Flower or no flower? no flower
perfume or body splash? perfume
lotion or body butter? lotion
body wash or soap? body wash
lush or other bath company? believe it or not I've never purchased anything from Lush:O! Mainly because there are none that near and I'd have to travel. I have been in and seen some things I'd like but never bought them, I always watch/read Lush hauls and think I really should go there sometime. So after that longggg explanation I'd say other bath company
jeans or sweat pants? jeans
long sleeve or short? depends on the weather but I like to wear short sleeves with a jacket or cardigan most times
dresses or skirts? dresses!
stripes or plaid? stripes 
flip flops or sandals? I love both in the summer:( but if I had to choose I'd have to say sandals 
scarves or hats? scarves
studs or dangly earrings? studs 
necklaces or bracelets? bracelets
heels or flats? flats, they're more comfortable and even though heels are so pretty I wear flats a lot more
cowboy boots or riding boots? To be honest I wasn't sure what this meant and after typing each into google images I didn't like the look of either. I didn't like the patterns on cowboy boots and riding boots were too long but I'm not going to not answer so I prefer riding boots.
jacket or hoodie? I wear both a lot and it depends how cold it is and what I'm wearing but jacket.

Primark or Newlook? this was so hard! I love both so much! I honestly can't decide!:(
Topshop or Next? another hard one but I'm going to say Topshop even though I love Next perfumes and jewelry!
Boots or Superdrug? Superdrug
curly or straight? I love my hair curly but I find it so easy to straighten it, so straight because that's how my hair always is
bun or ponytail? ponytail, buns look great on some people but they just don't suit me:(
bobby pins or butterfly clips? bobby pins
hair spray or gel? hairspray
long or short? long hair
light or dark? I love blonde hair on some people but having brown hair myself I prefer dark for me
side fringe or full fringe? side fringe
up or down? down

rain or shine? shine
summer or winter? this one's tricky because I love summer because I'm off school and it's sunny and you go on holiday but I hate being too hot and I know with British weather this isn't always certain:P but sometimes it is! Winter, I love because it's Christmas and it's snows so that's so hard for me and just like with Primark and New Look, I can't answer! Sorry!
fall or spring? Fall's autumn right? Spring! 
chocolate or vanilla? vanilla ice cream

and now you've finished reading, tag you're it! please let me know below you're answers or any tags I could do in the future. And if you don't like tags on blogs, let me know too! I honestly am not sure if people do tags on their blogs but I thought this would be fun and a bit different! Thanks for reading xoxo

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