Saturday, 21 January 2012

Collective Haul - January Sales!

Today I have a collective haul for January! First I have things from New Look:)

I bought this cushion from New Look at the start of the month and I absolutely love it! Reduced from £8 to £4 I couldn't help but buy it. It matches my room well although the red rim around it doesn't really match my very pink room but it's fine because I love the picture and text 'All Shopped Out!' so much.

Okay, so this isn't exactly a great picture and you can see a nail polish stain on my desk but I bought this necklace for £2 again in New Look and I wasn't too keen on it but I tried it on with a top I bought and it matched so well that I later was glad I bought it!
Here is a close up of it so starting from the left, there is a diamond (fake obviously!) then a gold 'token' for surfing, a silver key and then a small gold quote which I can't remember what it says sorry, hahaha:)

I also bought these earrings for £2 but unfortunately my camera couldn't take that great of a picture no matter what setting I tried because of all the sparkles. They are bow shapes and have black diamonds (again, not real) and a few silver ones in the middle. They are very eye catching!

I also bought a top but it's in the wash so I can't take a picture of it yet but it was £15.

I went to SuperDrug because my mascara had ran out and thought I'd try a new Miss Sporty one because I had already tried Fabulous Lash and thought that one was great. This one is called XX Long. It's really not as good at Fabulous Lash because it doesn't make your eyelashes as long and doesn't last that long throughout the day. It definitely doesn't compare that well with mascaras from other brands but it's fine just to use every day and I will continue to use this however I will not re-buying it.

I then wanted a new nail polish and since my NYC collection is only small I found this! It's very pretty and turns out very pigmented only after one coat! It lasts for ages and dries in 60 seconds. I wear this whenever possible now!

I seen these drawers in Sainbury's and thought they'd be perfect for my makeup! They are white so they match my room and are like a wicker material. I'm really happy with them because they store all my makeup so well.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love the necklace!

  2. Hahaha I do too:) Goes great with a lot of my clothes!