Monday, 2 January 2012

Nail Polish Collection

Happy New Year:)!

Today as you can probably already tell, I'm going to show you my nail polish collection. Although, my collection isn't as big as some people's it certainly is enough for me and I have purchased all of these myself. I am always picking up new colours too. I will explain the colours from the left to the right.

At the moment, my nails polishes are just sat on a shelf in my desk and I am looking for a better way of storing them so any suggestions are welcome in the comments!

This is Natural Collection by Boots. I love Natural Collection because it's great value for money. Crystal Clear, Lunar Haze, Topaz and Unknown - label came off.

This is Rimmel. Rimmel are great because their colours are so pigmented and dry in 60 seconds. Black Cherries, Perfect Plum, Pulsating, Ethereal, Euphoria. As you can probably tell I love their pinks and purples!

Miss Sporty next. I love Miss Sporty because they're really not that expensive and they're genuinely  nice nails polishes. 113, 326, 346, 205, 209, 420, 060, top coat.

Although my Barry M collection is very small I would like to expand it and try their new foil polishes. 294, 317, crackle 311. I love the crackle one:)

My NYC collection is even smaller but I am definitely going to get some more soon. Central Park, Park Ave. Park Ave is great for the wintertime!

I never even knew Claires did nail polishes until this summer. Over the summer I wanted this colour and couldn't find it anywhere until I went to Claires and found the perfect match. Unknown.

17 are great nail polishes although I only have one. I did have two but unfortunately I lost it:( it was a really bright blue one! This one is Caribbean Coral.

Sally Hasen is really good for nails growth! Nail growth, Unknown, Double Duty Top Coat.

No 7 nails polishes are so pigmented and they stay on your nails for a long time with a good top coat. Base Coat So Smooth, Unknown, Fox Glove, Salsa, Pink Grapefruit and also a Rimmel one I forgot Blue My Mind.


  1. Great collection, including lots of my favourite brands!

  2. by the way I love the way you store your collection:)