Saturday, 4 February 2012

Monthly Favourites: January

Hi:)! I don't know if you saw my post earlier today but I found my camera! So that means January Favourites:)

This is Impulse 'True Love'. I used to use Impulse all the time when I was just a bit younger but I stopped because I sort of preferred perfumes for a while but this month I decided to buy this and it's great! I use it a lot for school because it's not too formal and smells very nice!

It is winter and I can't remember a winter when I haven't needed one of these! I always use the original Nivea chap sticks but I got this for Christmas in a gift set and have used it all month, it's very moisturizing.

 I love this lipstick so much! It's 200 Latino by Rimmel. It's this amazing pink colour. I love this because on the days when I don't really want bold lips this is looks quite neutral although here it looks so bright. It's really moisturizing and looks great at the same time.

Although I can't wear nail polish in my school:( I've worn this probably every weekend or day off in January. It's Downtown by NYC and it's a really nice pink-ish red colour. 

This is a palette from Studio (you can get these from Superdrug at Christmas for like £10) and it's so good because it includes twelve eye shadows, 4 shimmer pots, a brush and a mascara. Also it comes with easy instructions for four great looks.

Although I haven't used any of the other products in this set I have used this colour on my lids all month. It's snow white and just incase you couldn't tell it's the white one. This photo's really bad but it's a shimmery white colour.

My final favourite is this bracelet. I love it! It's so pretty and I have it on now. It has metal hearts all the way round and then turquoise shapes (sorry bad description!) in the center. It's a pretty bangle from New Look and goes with a lot of clothes!

Thanks for reading:) What were your favourites this month? Please leave any suggestions below xoxo 


  1. I love the palette!

  2. Thank you:) I think the colours are great and wouldn't mind posting some tutorials with it if anyone would be interested?