Tuesday, 7 February 2012

MUA Haul and Makeup Idea

Hi:) I don't know whether it's been the same in any other Superdrug's but the one nearest to me has never done MUA products:( This was really frustrating as I've seen their products on many hauls and have always wanted to try them out! Yesterday, I went to Superdrug and was so pleased to find they've started doing MUA products. I only bought 3 products due to the fact that I've never tried anything before but I'm definitely going to buy more. So here's what I got!

This picture looks really bad!:( You're probably used to it though as there's one bad photo on at least every post. Stupid camera;) Anyway I actually can't remember what shade this is:( it's sort of a grey-ish brown but looks more brown on the photo. I haven't tried it but I definitely love the colour.

This is a lipstick and it's shade 12. In Superdrug I didn't realize it was so bright! But it's a really really bright pink! I don't think I could ever find a look like might be suitable to wear out with this, any ideas? I did test it though and it's colour does actually look quite pretty, after you get over how bright it is, hahaha.

I love this eye shadow! I wasn't actually going to get this but I tested the sample and the colour is so pretty I couldn't help it:). It's a brown but has tones of silvery gold in it and it's perfect for autumn but I love wearing it now (and probably in spring and summer too!) It's called Pearl.

I loved that eye shadow so much that I decided to think of a neutral tutorial that you could probably wear most days. I have tested this but forgot to take a photo so it's not a tutorial but I do have an idea...

First use a beige colour the one at the top of this palette is perfect. I use that colour on it's own a lot. I got this mini palette in a gift set. Apply with a normal eye shadow brush

Then apply Pearl with a brush you can blend with to your crease.

Finish with mascara, although I wouldn't recommend this one. I wanted to try this, so I bought it but to be honest it's not that great in my opinion. Comment below for a full review. I'd use a Rimmel one, they're always good for me!

Obviously you don't have to use the brands I have, you can choose any you like as long as the colours are quite close in shades.

Thanks for reading:)! xoxo

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