Friday, 22 June 2012

My first ELF haul!

Hello:) so recently I ordered from ELF and I never have before but after seeing some good reviews I checked out their website. The products looked so professional and yet were so cheap!

At first I put ALOT in my basket but in the end only ordered four things, as I wanted to know if the quality was any good first.

The first thing I ordered was a all over colour stick, in Pink Lemonade. I was excited about this product as you can use it on your eyes, lips and face so it's perfect for travelling. When first opening the product I was disappointed because I thought it would be pink but this is slightly more redish. Then I wanted to find out how much product you got for the amazing price of £1.50 so I twisted up so all the product was at the top and then it wouldn't twist back down, eventually it did return back to the bottom of the tube but was very messy. I tried it even so and it was great! It was such a pretty colour and the only criticism I have is that, it was pretty bulky and wide and that made it hard to apply.

Then I bought a cream eyeshadow duo in Sugar Cookie. I did try this but not properly, first impressions were that the colour doesn't really transfer well onto the eye and it's a little bit sticky. I will attempt to use these properly an let you know how they go.

I also bought a Zit Zapper after reading reviews I thought I might as well give it a go. When you first apply the product it kind of feels cool then it dries and makes the surrounding skin very red so I wouldn't suggest using this before you go out, maybe at night? I can't say I've noticed too much difference but I haven't used it that much either.

The final product is a cuticle pen but I ordered this for my mum and she hasn't tried it yet so I'm not sure how that'll work.

The delivery came very quick! The products were cheap at £1.50 and so was the postage. At the moment there is free postage and packaging at ELF. I'm going to make a new order soon too:)

Thanks for reading! Tell me your favourite ELF product below or any other makeup sites you can suggest:) or you can email me at See you next time xoxo

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