Friday, 30 December 2011

Review: Superdrug Handcream

Today I went to Superdrug and bought their 'Sweet Snuggles' hand cream in the sale. For only 49p I really wanted to try it. The packaging is very pretty and it looks like a great present to give to a friend. I got the 'Chocolate Vanilla' one and it smells a lot like chocolate milkshake. Although, the smell can get quite sickly. I have only tried this product out twice but it seems very moisturizing and doesn't leave your hands feeling sticky. For 49p I'd say it was definitely worth it!
Thanks for reading my review on 'Sweet Snuggles' hand cream. All views are my own and I am not sponsored! Feel free to leave any products below you'd like to be reviewed or you can email your suggestions to me:) xxx.

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  1. I got it for Christmas and it's so good! I bring it to school every day and everybody always asks if they can have some! I am running out very badly so I was wondering, as I can't find it in superdrug, do you know any other places I can get it from (apart from ebay) Thanks if you do, bye! xx